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Creative Research Partner: Ingrid Bachmann

About the Artist

Ingrid Bachmann is a multi-disciplinary installation artist whose interests span obsolete technologies and digital media. Her work combines new media with traditional art practices and explores the shifting relationships between artist, audience and artifact.

Ingrid is currently Associate Professor in the Studio Arts Department at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. She is also a founding member of Hexagram: Institute for Research and Creation in the Media Arts and is the Director of the Institute of Everyday Life.

For more information on Ingrid’s work please see the previous blog entry: Web Archive

About the Research

In June 2015 I spent two weeks on campus at Concordia University in downtown Montreal. During that time Ingrid was very generous in offering her time where we met on several occasions to discuss our work and in particular her involvement heading the team of Hybrid Bodies artists.  The Hybrid Bodies artists made work in response to a research project of transplant patients conducted by Dr Heather Ross at Toronto Hospital. I began my research with a tour of the Hexagram studio labs including the latest in digital technology in digital engraving and laser cutting, digital weaving and fabric design and production and LED lighting threads used in weaving and 3D printing. Ingrid also provided useful information regarding new technologies in micro controllers and coding for interactive and kinetic sculptures that she uses in her own work. I’ve posted the links Ingrid provided below which I will be using for the development of the kinetic sculpture piece for the Circles of Fire project. We then conducted several discussions and interviews that I recorded over several days and forms a part of the research partnership that also includes  the interview I recorded with Hybrid Bodies artist Andrew Carnie in the UK. Both Andrew and Ingrid also interviewed myself however these interviews will not be made available for viewing for ethical and confidentiality reasons.

Both Ingrid and Andrew of the Hybrid Bodies project continue to be very supportive of my work and we will be looking at a continuation of this research partnership.

A list of the questions I asked Ingrid is available here: Ingrid HB questions

List of links for new technologies provided by Ingrid: Tech links