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John A Douglas Keynote at Hybrid Minds/Hybrid Bodies Symposium in Montreal


Where: 4TH SPACE, J.W. McConnell Building (1400 De Maisonneuve Blvd. W.), Sir George Williams Campus, Montreal, Canada
When: August 7  – August 9, 2019

HYBRID MINDS/HYBRID BODIES is an exhibition and symposium bringing together an international group of researchers across the arts, ethics, medicine and the social sciences to investigate the complexities of heart transplantation. Hybrid Bodies is a research team who have worked together for over a decade looking at phenomenological, socio-political and pop-cultural aspects of heart transplantation and organ donation.

John A Douglas will be a keynote speaker at the symposium on Friday, August 9, 2019 at 10:00am. This keynote presentation will cover the evolution of the Circles of Fire project from the transplant surgery through to the current VR work under development; Circles of Fire – The Amphitheatre: Virtual Body. Douglas’ initial research was with the head of the Hybrid Bodies Project, artist Ingrid Bachmann and artist Andrew Carnie, when he conducted in depth interviews with the artists in 2015. Along with the writings of Dr. Margit Schildrick, who is also speaking at the seminar, this research was pivital in the development of the Circles of Fire project as well assisting with articulating and understanding what Douglas was experiencing as an organ transplant recipent. Douglas will also be demonstrating a new iteration of the Virtual Body VR project on the Oculus VR platform using an oculus Go headset.  Curator  Dr. Bec Dean and producer of Circles of Fire (variations) and Circles of Fire- The Amphitheatre, will be be speaking at the symposium panel: Curating Across Art, Science & Medicine; Hannah Redler, Casey Mesick-Braun and Sean Caulfield.

For a full schedule of events please go here: Hybrid Bodies Project

CBC Radio interview with Ingrid Bachmann and John A Douglas

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