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New Collaboration and Online Group Exhibition


Starts 5pm Thursday  August 13 2020

To Monday August 31 2020

=> Tik Tok

John A Douglas and  Willurai Kirkbright are pleased to announce the official formation of a new artistic collaborative duo and premier of their new work in the worlds first Tik Tok digital art exhibition, titled For Your Pleasure, curated by Ellen Gif and Sally McKenzie Lewis and supported by City of Sydney. John and Willurai have been drawn together by their shared intersectional lived experiences as queer/crip and indigenous artists. These new video works, created in the Tik Tok short form known as dueting, seek to give voice and advocate for their own and others vulnerabilities as high risk immune compromised “sickie” artists  during this time of Covid-19. Using tongue in cheek humor, drag, mime and sampling these three micro vidoe works, of less than sixty seconds each, explore themes around home shopping, online zoom meditation sessions  and social distancing. To find out more please go to  the For Your  Pleasure webpage You can also watch an extended interview: We Are Not Machines: In Conversation with Willurai Kirkbright and John A Douglas.

Willurai Kirkbright is an artist, curator, facilitator and performer. She is known for making powerful work that addresses matters of injustice and visibility as well as socio-political commentary. Her work is always intersectional and is highly regarded in multiple communities. It is often filled with reference points that question, as well as criticise her place in the world as both a contemporary Aboriginal woman and a contemporary artist who happens to be Aboriginal. She has taken on five major art residencies, often resulting in an exhibition as well as deeper investigation into subject matter to do with identity, shared histories and ideas of Australianism. They include Grafton Regional Gallery in rural NSW and her most recent one at the CITE International in Paris.

“Because we’re ‘sickies’, we played with the perceived threats we face when we leave the house everyday…. I wish I had a hazmat… what would it be like if I went into a shopping centre with a hazmat? I wish I was in out-of-space because that’s the safest place to socially isolate…”


About The Exhibition

For your pleasure will exhibit video and performance artists ‘duetting’ (or reacting) to content discovered on the TikTok platform. TikTok’s first ever art exhibition celebrates the creativity of all who are “bored in the house, bored in the house, bored” (Curtis Roach).

“In a year that has gone from one extreme to the next, the artists in For Your Pleasure explore why TikTok has taken the world by storm. With the US election now looming, we are once again witnessing a presidential race tangled up in modern day propaganda, dangerous echo chambers, fake news and metadata.  Never before has the world been so simultaneously aware of current events and so quick to unite individuals against a common enemy like the one million TikTokers who trolled Trump’s Tulsa rally by buying tickets and not showing up. If there’s a cause you want to get behind- you can be sure to find your people on TikTok, but, who’s afraid of the algorithm?”

– The Curators