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Body Fluid — The Seven Cycles



Project Details
Body Fluid — The Seven Cycles
 2 x Single Channel HD 1080p videos with  stereo sound, 2012.
6 x C-Type Photographs, Metallic Paper on aluminium, 120cm 60cm & 110cm x 100cm, 2012.Gold Leaf,  Acrylic, Glitter, Photo Screen SD Divx Video, No Sound, 2012.

In  Body Fluid — The Seven Cycles, John A Douglas seeks to transform the monotony of the artist’s daily dialysis treatment into sublime acts of transformation of the self . Accordingly, in these mediated figurative landscape works, the imaginary golden figure takes on powers of levitation and flight through the replenishment of bodily fluids within the Australian landscape. Shot on location in the Snowy Mountains and in the Mallee country, Body Fluid – The Seven Cycles loosely references the visual motifs found in Nicolas Roeg’s science fiction classic The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976) and elements of Russian mysticism scattered throughout the cinema of Andrej Tarkovsky. The Seven Cycles serves as a metaphor for life support treatment and the alienation and social restrictions it incurs. It offers the viewer an opportunity to reflect on ones own mortality and the fragile cycle of life and death. 

Body Fluid is an ongoing series of research-based projects that began in 2011 in which John A Douglas’ daily dialysis treatment becomes a sublime act of transformation. The work includes live art performances, installations and exhibitions with video, photographs and objects

First exhibited at Chalk Horse, NSW, 2012.

Body Fluid — Levitation was a finalist in the 2013 Blake Prize and has been selected for the Touring Blake exhibition.

Body Fluid- Levitation, Ascent & Replenish Photographic Works are held in the collection of Artbank.

Body Fluid – Saline Ascent Video Box Set, Edition 1 is held in the collection of Artbank.

Other artworks from this series are held in private collections.



Production Credits

John A Douglas: Performer, Costume, HD Video Camera, Large Format Camera, Sound Design, Video & Sound Editing

Kristian Haggblom: HD Video Camera, Large Format Camera

Melanie Ryan: HD Video Camera, Large Format Camera

Lena Obergfell: HD Video Camera, Production Stills

Alejandro Rolandi: Rigger, HD Video Camera, Large Format Camera

Mark Mitchell: Lighting and Chroma Key Studio Technician, Rigger

Sue Healy: Movement and Performance Coach

Matt Cuneo: Sound Recordist

Debra Petrovitch: Soundtrack samples from Strange Land Vol 1, 2010.

Addtional Sound Samples:
Soviet Soyuz space mission radio broadcasts.
Thomas Köner, Daikan, Mille Plateaux, 2002
Stephan Mathieu: Wurmloch Variationen, Ritornell, 2000 for sou.

Thanks to Bec Dean at Performance Space and Su Goldfish at the School of Media Arts, UNSW.

The artist would like to acknowledge and pay respect to the following Aboriginal nations, Latje Latje, Kurientje, Gadubanud, Ngarigo, Eora, and Wiljali, on whose land the works were recorded and performed.

Australia_Council_master_horiz_col_logoThis project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.