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Screen Test (Australiana) — Suicidal Synthesis

2005 – 2006


Project Description
Screen Test (Australiana) — Suicidal Synthesis

Screen Test #4 (Australiana) and Screen Test #5 (Australiana) together form Screen Test (Australiana) — Suicidal Synthesis which reinterprets a sequence of events in the 1971 films  Walkabout (Nicolas Roeg) and Wake in Fright (Ted Kotcheff), embodying a ravaged masculinity and a self-destructive psychosis in the Australian landscape.

In reviving the aesthetic of cheap Australian TV Dramas of the 60s and 70s, Douglas foregrounds narratives that lay buried deep in the past. The exaggerated crudeness of these screen tests disrupts the narrative structures inherent in the original films, shifting the role of the artist to an aberration of the self mirrored on the screen and displaying a ravaged masculinity in the Australian landscape.

Production Credits
Screen Test #4 (Australiana)

Performer: John A Douglas

Location Sound: Vera Hong

HD Video Camera: Tristan Kenyon

Large Format Camera: Craig Bender

Production Stills: Vera Hong

Sound Mixing and Sound Effects: John A Douglas

Costume Design: John A Douglas

Hair and Make Up: Vera Hong

Set Design, Props and Production: John A Douglas

Theatrical Armourer, Pyrotechnics and Stunt Coach: Tony Garland at The Stockade

Thanks to: Kimbriki Recycling Depot, Terrey Hills Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, Warringah Shire Council.

Screen Test #5 (Australiana)

Performer: John A Douglas

Sound Samples: Wake In Fright ( Dir Ted Kotcheff, United Artists, 1971)

HD Video Camera: Tristan Kenyon

Large Format Camera: Alex Kershaw

Location Sound Recordist: Melanie Ryan

Special Effects Make Up: Melanie Ryan

Performance Coach: Chris Ryan

Sound and Video Editing: John A Douglas

Set Design, Props and Costume: John A Douglas

Thanks to: Blue Mountains City Council