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Research Archive: Cinema and Video

Cinema and Video Archive

A selection of cinema and video material that will be used as reference material for the research, development and production of Circles of Fire. The works include short films, feature films, documentation, documentaries and video by artists and directors with additional links to relevant websites.


Kenneth Anger, Invocation of my Demon Brother, 1969

Kenneth Anger, Lucifer Rising, 1968

David Bowie, Lazarus, 2106

Bob Flanagan, Visiting Hours, Excerpt from the film Sick,The Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist.”1997

Bob Flanagan, New Museum Web Archive, NYC, 1994

Peter Greenaway, Death on the Seine, 1988

Rebecca Horn, Berlin, 1974

Rebecca Horn, Bleistifmask,1972

Rebecca Horn, Self Haircut1975

Rebecca Horn, Tate Modern, 2015

Sergei Parajanov The Colour of Pomegranates, 1968

Sergei Parajanov, Ashik Kerib,1988

Ken Russell, Nessun Dorma,1987

Takis, Champs Magnetiques, Palais de Tokyo, 2015, (part one)

Takis Champs Magnetiques, Palais de Tokyo,2015 (part two)

Peter Greenaway, Belly of an Architect, 1987 (gallery stills)