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Circles of Fire Featured in Biogenesis on ABC iView series Art Bites

“An artist suffering from kidney disease turns his pain into artwork, incorporating his own medical treatment and trauma recovery into a multi-faceted performance.”

John A Douglas is currently featured on the ABC Television arts program Art Bites in a series titled Biogenesis. The eight minute program segment, featured on ABC televison’s online platform iview, goes behind the scenes documenting Circles of Fire – The Amphitheatre, during Performance Space, Liveworks 2018 Festival, at Carriageworks in Sydney, Australia. The series features Symbiotica lab artists and Guy Ben-Ary, Tarsh Bates, Mike Bianco, Nina Sellars and Helen Pynor.

The program can be viewed here: Biogenesis:Circles of Fire

NB: The series is geo-locked and can only be viewed in Australia. Email me for a link if you are unable to view the program.

A new generation of artists are repurposing living material to make us reflect upon our own bodies and question what makes us ‘human.’ Australia is home to many such provocative artists working in different fields of research, redefining life in a new way, each of them inducing wonder, fascination and  amazement in their unique perspective of what it means to be alive.


About The Series

BIOGENESIS investigates creative and peculiar living experiments through the personal journeys of six
artists that have developed ground-breaking work by manipulating life in the laboratory. In each story we
witness the birth of a new artwork, performance or exhibition as the artists share with us what drove them
down their distinct personal path of discovery, with insight from scientists and mentors that influenced and
assisted them along the way.
With unprecedented access to the labs of world leading Bio Art facilities, behold the creation of paradigm
shifting ideas that will challenge and inspire. Each artist investigates concepts that question the future of
science and the evolution of humanity itself.
In this series we look deeper into issues of artificial intelligence, the human microbiome, the social and
medical discourse of fat, feminine identity and hygiene, the honeybee crisis and the invisible suffering of
chronically ill medical patients. These biological artists question emerging scientific developments,
introducing new stories that allow us to understand, embrace and utilise advances in science in the 21st
Through these six unique stories, we question how these artworks reflect upon our own bodies and our
own definition of life itself as we learn how these biological artists are influencing the international art
world through this fascinating manipulation of living matter into art.

ABC News


Biogenesis is produced by Blue Forest with assistance from ScreenwestScreen Australia and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).