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‘Circles of Fire’ News and Other Updates

‘Circles of Fire’ has commenced production

John A Douglas was recently awarded an Australia Council grant for the production of the new work ‘Circles of Fire’ for exhibition and live performances over the next two years. Funding has enabled the work to go into full production (January 2016) in collaboration and partnership with the following artists:

Residency at Symbiotica

Douglas has also returned to continue a residency at Symbiotica , UWA in Perth to continue research and hands on laboratory work to isolate and document with time lapse hi res microscopy his own T-Cells and has also formed an exciting new  collaboration with world leading mycologist Dr Yit Heeng Chooi to cultivate the natural form of the immuno-supressant drug Cyclosporine.

‘The Patient’ Pozzible Campaign

Bec Dean is currently seeking additional funding for the touring exhibition program ‘The Patient’ through a Pozzible Campaign  This important landmark exhibition, the first of its kind in Australia, will feature a survey of artists working with the medicalised body, bioart, illness and death. A two channel video titled ‘Circles of Fire – Vers I’ will premiere at the inaugural exhibition in June 2016 at Galleries UNSW along with a selection of works from previous projects Body Fluid and Visceral Garden.