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John A Douglas on ABC’s 7:30 program

John A Douglas, Body Fluid II (Redux), Performance View, 2013

Body Fluid II (Redux), performance documentation, 2013

Rebecca Baillie profiled artist John A Douglas on ABC’s 7:30 program.

John has been living with terminal kidney disease for the past seven years, undertaking daily dialysis as life support. In his performance Body Fluid II (redux), John has taken the unique approach of transforming his real-life medical treatment into art.

John has recently completed a residency at Museum of Human Disease, UNSW as their inaugral artist-in-residence and is collections photographer for the museums at The School of Medical Sciences. In his most recent body of work, he investigates the ontological effects of disease, using his own experience and the aesthetic of his daily dialysis treatment as a sublime act of self transformation within imaginary landscapes.

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