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Speaking at NEOLIFE SLSA 2015

The Inaugural (Rest of the World) SLSA Conference

 NeoLife The Inaugural (Rest of the World) SLSA Conference“From the odd to the mundane; microbe to macro, new forms of life are emerging in labs, workshops and studios. How do artists engage with the life sciences as a means of enquiry, rather than utilitarian output? What is aliveness and what can artists tell us about the shifting perceptions of life?”

John A Douglas will be presenting his topic The Artist as Patient. The Patient as Artist  at the Neolife Conference by The Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA) in conjunction with SymbioticA.

Since the earliest days of photography the medium has concerned itself with the problem of revealing illness within the body. This imaging is often used for treatment in the understanding of specific medical conditions and to assist with the research and education of medical practitioners. Artists have also engaged in this process and more recently with the current intersectional practises between contemporary art and bioscience. However this practice usually takes place from an outside view where artists examine and critique illness and medical interventions from an objective outsider position. But what happens when the artist does both? How can the artist articulate their own lived experience of chronic illness and medical treatments into the milleu of contemporary art practice?

Conference Details

The University Club of Western Australia
Perth, Western Australia
1-3 October 2015
Talk Details

Session: Posthumanities
Room: Case Study
Thursday 1st October, 
1:40pm – 2:40pm

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